Radoor is a retro-themed nightclub targeting specifically at LGBTQ+ baby boomers, from age 55 to 74 in New York. Research shows that this demographic defies aging and biased social atmosphere that they grew up with. Inspired by Fiorucci store and several gay clubs in 70s and 80s, I want to recreate a “paradise” for those who have strong personalities and seek for self-expression.

Narrative Statement: Radoor is a wonderland for you to immerse, a utopia to be young again, a safe space to express your true self. It’s a realistic fantasy experience that we create for you. Come enjoy the exuberant music and reminiscent vibe in a place that resparks the sensation of being special.

Link to the entire brand book:

*Radoor is a made-up brand
Nov., 2019

Based in Shanghai/ New York.