Our interpretation of “unpredictability” evolves as we grow up and potentially reflects our state of mind during different life stages. With the current US-China geopolitical tensions, how does Gen Z, with bicultural identities and at the stage of transitioning into adulthood, express and identify their skepticism regarding the future?

This website showcases a collection of responses from 25 Gen Zs, who were born in China and either move or study in the U.S, about what they’ve envisioned about the future—as a view from the past, and the present time. The responses are illustrated through 50 collaborative artworks based on my interpretations of the content provided by each participant, adding new opinions and forming a collective perspective.

Centered around the question “How do you imagine the unknown future?”, this online platform encourages open conversations and reconvenes the viewers to rethink about “unpredictability” from various angles.


Based in Shanghai/ New York.