On the occasion of Fountain House Gallery’s 20th anniversary, Other Content is pleased to join the Gallery in presenting its first-ever Instagram-based exhibition. Over the past 20 years, Fountain House Gallery has built a community that empowers artists living with mental illness to unleas their creativity, to challenge stereotypes, and to shatter stigma.

At this historic and turbulen moment of the COVID-19 pandemic, discussions of mental health, healing, and self-expressio have become relevant to the society at large, rather than merely to a specific group of people. Feeling the urgency to expand this exhibition beyond an inward-looking event, we perceive it no only as an opportunity to retrospect the Gallery’s history but also as a vehicle for responding to current sociopolitical tensions and for reimagining the future for artists. In order to engage with th wider public, we took this exhibition to social media, to make it accessible and responsive in this time of uncertainty.

(selected from curator’s foreword)

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Visual Identity Design,
June - August, 2020

I found the mission and value of Fountain House Gallery as parallel to a magnifying glass, which not only magnifies and celebrates individual artist but also gathers these unseen, non-mainstream artists to form a bigger energy. 

Based in Shanghai/ New York.